Types of vacuum cleaner

In the market we can find different types of vacuum cleaner, you should evaluate the advantages and disadvantages that each one has. Knowing which is best suited to you and the price is something that you should consider.

Every time we find better vacuum cleaners thanks to technological development, which means that we can access many types of vacuum cleaners without paying a large amount of money.

The most valued by users is undoubtedly the suction power of the vacuum cleaner, but you should also look at the filters, size and comfort. We present the different models of the market:

  • Broom vacuum cleaner :   The most important feature is that they can work without cable. It works with battery and is much more comfortable. You should bear in mind that a broom vacuum cleaner with no economic cable has less suction power, but paying a little more today there are vacuum cleaners without very powerful cable. They are very fashionable lately because of the convenience of having no cable and that are much less bulky and heavy. This type of vacuum cleaner also works with cable if you need it.
  • Sledge vacuum cleaner : This vacuum cleaner is the same as always, made up of the vacuum cleaner on wheels and joined to the flexible tube and metal through which it sucks. It has accessories of all kinds to adapt them to each type of floor. They can carry bag or not depending on the type and model.
  • Vacuum cleaner: Totally effective for cleaning carpets, tiles, curtains … It is the best for thorough cleaning and have numerous accessories.
  • Hand-held vacuum cleaner : They can work with or without cable and is ideal for places of difficult access, have a reduced deposit.
  • Central vacuum cleaners : Although the initial investment is important, the truth is that it is the best in terms of vacuum cleaner. It is silent, clean and you simply hook the hose to the outlets throughout the house and the vacuum system does everything else.

Vacuum cleaner with or without bag?

When buying a vacuum cleaner, there are two main types in the market.

The vacuum cleaner with bag and vacuum cleaner without bag. Although these two types of vacuum cleaner work very similarly, they have different characteristics.

We help you find if your solution is one type or another.

Vacuum cleaners with a bag

To begin, say that they are the usual vacuum cleaners, and that simply changing the bag when it is full is ready.

First of all, those that have a bag are a good option to buy a vacuum cleaner in terms of hygiene. This is because the bags are closed and the dirt and dust is kept inside. It is the bag itself that acts as the filter.

For this reason, they are very suitable for allergic people both when vacuuming and when changing the bag.

When the dirt stays inside the bag, the filters do not need to be replaced as frequently as in bagless vacuum cleaners.

Most vacuum cleaners with a bag have a built-in HEPA filter, especially suitable for people with allergies because they retain all the harmful particles and eliminate many more substances.

All this makes the maintenance of vacuum cleaners much lower in those with a bag, since the filter does not need to be cleaned. It is integrated into the bag and only changed when the bag is filled.

Of course, you should bear in mind that as the bag is being filled, the vacuum cleaner loses strength.

Another aspect is that you should invest money in the purchase of the bags, but it is not an inconvenience to buy a vacuum cleaner with a bag.

Vacuum cleaners without a bag

They are more fashionable and lately in homes, when buying vacuum cleaner opt for this option.

For many people it is a step forward not to have to buy and change bags, and only empty and clean the filter to continue using it.

Among its advantages are that its power is the same at all times, without filling the tank influence. In addition, it is very easy to know when you have to empty the tank since as a general rule it is transparent.

They tend to be a bit cheaper than vacuum cleaners with a bag, but it also depends a lot on the brand and the model. Being a fashion product, there are many more options and that is reflected in the price.

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