Types of vacuum cleaner

In the market we can find different types of vacuum cleaner, you should evaluate the advantages and disadvantages that each one has. Knowing which is best suited to you and the price is something that you should consider.

Every time we find better vacuum cleaners thanks to technological development, which means that we can access many types of vacuum cleaners without paying a large amount of money.

The most valued by users is undoubtedly the suction power of the vacuum cleaner, but you should also look at the filters, size and comfort. We present the different models of the market:

  • Broom vacuum cleaner :   The most important feature is that they can work without cable. It works with battery and is much more comfortable. You should bear in mind that a broom vacuum cleaner with no economic cable has less suction power, but paying a little more today there are vacuum cleaners without very powerful cable. They are very fashionable lately because of the convenience of having no cable and that are much less bulky and heavy. This type of vacuum cleaner also works with cable if you need it.
  • Sledge vacuum cleaner : This vacuum cleaner is the same as always, made up of the vacuum cleaner on wheels and joined to the flexible tube and metal through which it sucks. It has accessories of all kinds to adapt them to each type of floor. They can carry bag or not depending on the type and model.
  • Vacuum cleaner: Totally effective for cleaning carpets, tiles, curtains … It is the best for thorough cleaning and have numerous accessories.
  • Hand-held vacuum cleaner : They can work with or without cable and is ideal for places of difficult access, have a reduced deposit.
  • Central vacuum cleaners : Although the initial investment is important, the truth is that it is the best in terms of vacuum cleaner. It is silent, clean and you simply hook the hose to the outlets throughout the house and the vacuum system does everything else.

Vacuum cleaner with or without bag?

When buying a vacuum cleaner, there are two main types in the market.

The vacuum cleaner with bag and vacuum cleaner without bag. Although these two types of vacuum cleaner work very similarly, they have different characteristics.

We help you find if your solution is one type or another.

Vacuum cleaners with a bag

To begin, say that they are the usual vacuum cleaners, and that simply changing the bag when it is full is ready.

First of all, those that have a bag are a good option to buy a vacuum cleaner in terms of hygiene. This is because the bags are closed and the dirt and dust is kept inside. It is the bag itself that acts as the filter.

For this reason, they are very suitable for allergic people both when vacuuming and when changing the bag.

When the dirt stays inside the bag, the filters do not need to be replaced as frequently as in bagless vacuum cleaners.

Most vacuum cleaners with a bag have a built-in HEPA filter, especially suitable for people with allergies because they retain all the harmful particles and eliminate many more substances.

All this makes the maintenance of vacuum cleaners much lower in those with a bag, since the filter does not need to be cleaned. It is integrated into the bag and only changed when the bag is filled.

Of course, you should bear in mind that as the bag is being filled, the vacuum cleaner loses strength.

Another aspect is that you should invest money in the purchase of the bags, but it is not an inconvenience to buy a vacuum cleaner with a bag.

Vacuum cleaners without a bag

They are more fashionable and lately in homes, when buying vacuum cleaner opt for this option.

For many people it is a step forward not to have to buy and change bags, and only empty and clean the filter to continue using it.

Among its advantages are that its power is the same at all times, without filling the tank influence. In addition, it is very easy to know when you have to empty the tank since as a general rule it is transparent.

They tend to be a bit cheaper than vacuum cleaners with a bag, but it also depends a lot on the brand and the model. Being a fashion product, there are many more options and that is reflected in the price.

Best Portable Hand Vacuum Reviews

Do you need to buy a hand vacuum? We help you choose the one that best suits what you are looking for.

We will show you a purchase guide, with different alternatives so that you can choose the best hand vacuum cleaner.

We know that when buying a hand vacuum cleaner, many doubts can arise.

Nowadays, hand-held vacuum cleaners play an obvious role in the homes because of their autonomy and comfort.

For this reason we analyze the pros and cons of these vacuum cleaners and their differences.

Top Portable Vacuum Reviews

Depending on your needs, a portable or other vacuum cleaner may work better for you.


I start the list talking about one of the best hand vacuum cleaners you can buy.

It is a very light model. As it weighs little more than a kilo , you can take it from one place to another with total comfort. For example, if you are looking for a vacuum to vacuum small things without having to take out the big one, this model will adapt to your needs easily.

Another advantage is that it has no cables, it works through battery . As the model has been designed for small aspirates, the battery lasts 15 minutes. In my opinion more than enough to get a good vacuum. I use it a lot to suck up the crumbs that have remained on the table or on the floor. But it also vacuums damp dirt without problems. It adapts perfectly to all kinds of situations.

Sometimes I also use it to vacuum the car, thanks to the fact that it allows me to have total freedom of movement. But I want to make it clear that it sucks well the stones and the small grit, on the other hand, with the big things it can not. If you are thinking about buying it for your car, remember that its autonomy is quite limited.


I have tried it and I can guarantee that because of how small this model is, it has a great suction capacity . In return, being so powerful, the autonomy time is only 10 minutes, so in some cases you can stay a little short. But if you are clear that you are not going to use it during this time, it is a model that will not disappoint you.

It is a perfect model to vacuum small things like crumbs from a table or remove grit from the vehicle. On the other hand, if you need more strength and autonomy, the best bet will be to buy a traditional vacuum cleaner.

I like your support. Thanks to it, you can put it and it is placed at home while it is being charged, as long as the support is plugged into the light. The load is not fast, but you’ll have more than enough to use it a couple of times a day or even a little more. If you are looking for something special for special occasions, it will not disappoint you.


On this occasion I am going to recommend a model that has a good suction power. The only one that could give this model is that it has cable. But if you want to use it at home, you will not have problems. Moreover, you will not have to be aware of your autonomy.

The design is simple, but I like it because it allows you to grab it without problems . With one hand you can handle it, remembering that its weight is very light, thanks in large part to the fact that it does not have batteries inside. This allows the weight to be much lower.

The deposit is not very large , but it is suitable for the vacuum model. Moreover, it is very easy to clean, so if it is full, just open the lid, you can clean it and use it again. Thanks to all this, you can have the security of being able to enjoy a model of the highest quality. If you buy it and want to have good suction power, I recommend cleaning it after each use. But you really notice its 700w of power.

Despite having a very cheap price, the model includes different brushes , to get a little more professional cleaning. For example, has a perfect brush to vacuum the dirt that remains between the keys of the computer.


If you are looking for something simple at an economical price, this hand vacuum cleaner will surely adapt to your needs easily. It has everything you need to perform a good vacuum, remembering that it is a model that does not have the same suction power as a sledge vacuum, for example.

The operating time is about 15 minutes per charge, although the brand says that the autonomy is about 18 minutes .

One of the things that I like most, besides its modern design, is its low weight. Its weight is less than 900 grams. You can handle it with one hand with total comfort.

As expected, it has no bag, but it has a deposit of about 0.45 liters . As in other cases, if you clean it regularly, the deposit will be more than enough to clean it. As for the aspirate, it is capable of sucking dry dirt as liquid. With just one pass you can leave for example the kitchen table as new.


In the event that you are looking for a top-quality vacuum cleaner, even if this means having to pay a little more money, I recommend you keep this in mind. Maybe it is the best vacuum cleaner from hand to today for quality price.

One of the things that have surprised me most about this model is its suction capacity. It is capable of aspiring with great power .

On the other hand, it is a model that works through batteries. These batteries are fast charging and have an approximate duration of about 15 minutes. The duration seems appropriate, especially for the power it has. What’s more, it has a led light that will show you at all times the status of the load and when it is finished it starts flashing about 30 seconds before.

I really like that the deposit is translucent . This allows to see at all times if the deposit has to be emptied or not. But since it has a simple emptying, you will only have to take it to the garbage can. Later you must press the button and the dirt will fall into the trash, without you having to touch it.


If you do not want to spend a lot of money and want to enjoy a broom and hand vacuum cleaner at the same time , this model is sure to interest you. Despite its low price, I can assure you that its suction capacity is strong.

The model has a cable that is not very long, so if you want to vacuum the house, the best thing you can do is put an extension cord in order to move more easily.

Transforming the broom vacuum cleaner by hand is very easy. You will only have to remove the foot and the handle and you can use it as a hand vacuum.

The deposit is quite large and as it has cyclonic technology , dirt is easily absorbed. Once the deposit is full, you will see how the force goes down. At this moment you only have to clean it and it’s done, you’ll get a good capacity to aspirate again.

A detail that I liked, despite its low price is that it has a Hepa filter. This is very important for allergy sufferers. With this filter you can absorb all the particles, making allergies are lower in the home. It really is a product that I recommend.


Despite its small size, this model is a very interesting option. One of the things that strikes me the most is its power of 800w through which you can get a good vacuum.

This model does not have batteries, but in return it has a long cable , which will make it easier for you to vacuum your home. The cable is approximately 4 meters long.

I tried it to remove dust from the furniture, vacuum the chairs or even remove the dirt from the keys of the computer and in all cases I have achieved very good results.

The model has 3 filters . Both the filters and the tank are very easy to clean. It is good to have 3 filters, since this way you can clean and purify the air a little more. This is perfect especially in times of allergies.

Of course, as it has a lot of power, it makes a little more noise than the previous models. Despite this, it is a model that if you buy it will allow you to be very happy.


One of the things that strikes me most about this model is the duration of its battery. It can reach a duration of up to 25 minutes, as long as the speed is set slower. If you put it at maximum power, then the duration will be longer, more in line with the previous models. That is, its duration will be about 15 minutes in this case. Of course, as it has a lithium battery, the battery will always last the same. It does not have a memory effect.

The charging time is usually about 4 hours . In addition, their batteries weigh very little. This means that the final weight of the hand vacuum cleaner is 1.5 kg. That is, you can enjoy a really very manageable model.

The model shows that it has been designed by professionals. The model has a modern design and is very easy to disassemble . For this reason, you will be able to clean your deposit easily.

As for the suction power, it is high. You can suck anything without problems. As if this were not enough, has different nozzles to get an aspirate adapted to each need.


Are you looking for a vacuum cleaner without efficient, powerful and perfect for day to day? After several months of use, we can recommend Conga Ergopower with 2,400 watts of power, which guarantees sufficient power to clean up the smallest corner of the house.

In addition to its power, its design of 3 brooms make it one of the most efficient and effective vacuum cleaner market, as we are told by the experts . In addition they clarify all the functions that this vacuum cleaner without cables offers: cyclonic broom system, maximum suction, High Speed ​​Power Brush, silent mode, articulated arm to reach complex places, … There are many reasons to opt for a cordless vacuum Conga Ergopower 25.9 v.

These are the details to keep in mind.


As for the power, it should be noted that it depends a lot on where you are going to use the hand vacuum and use.

Here you have to distinguish with cable and without cable. Anyway, later we discuss the differences and the best hand vacuum of each model.

But if I tell you that a handheld vacuum with cable will always have more power than a cordless one

Equally with greater power does not mean that it has greater suction power, they are not always related.

The most important thing is to compare different models to choose the best option.


At this point we have to emphasize that you should look at the design of the hand vacuum.

But not only for its aesthetic design, but for its ease of use. A proper form is important to know if you can pick it up with one hand, and you arrive comfortably at all places.


No doubt this section is one of the most important when buying a hand vacuum.

We want it to be easy to clean and maintain, no doubt.

It is important that you have an adequate deposit so you do not have to be emptying it continuously.

Another aspect that you must take into account is the emptying of the deposit. The more comfortable is better, so you do not have to be in contact with the collected dirt. Each time in this sense they make it much easier and you can empty the tank automatically with a button.

Suitable for vacuuming liquids

This aspect is important in a hand vacuum. You can always pour liquids when you need to clean.

There are hand vacuums that include an accessory for vacuuming liquids and will make cleaning easier.


When buying a hand vacuum the weight is as important as the rest of factors. Almost all have an adequate weight.

It is true that you will use it for a short time, but the less it weighs, the more comfortable it is to use it.


At this point, say that the main advantage is that they are much cheaper than any other vacuum cleaner as a rule.

In any case, it depends a lot on the brand evidently. You can find a reputable brand hand vacuum cleaner at a very affordable price.

Likewise, there are prestigious brands that have higher prices, but also their characteristics are much better.

Everything depends on the features you need, but the best thing is that you can find all the options you need in the market.

Handheld Vacuum with cable or without cable

In the market there are two different classes for hand vacuum cleaners, with and without cable.

Although the most normal thing is to purchase a cordless hand vacuum, it is not always the model that best suits the needs of each person.

If you want more comfort without a doubt with a cordless vacuum is your choice. These models can be taken to all parts of the house without having to look for a plug.

A cordless vacuum cleaner works on a battery, so if you need to clean the car, it will be much more comfortable than a wired one.

But it should be noted that a cordless vacuum cleaner is less powerful than a cordless vacuum cleaner. Normally they have greater capacity of suction, but in addition you will have to carry out the cleaning of the house in a certain time. That’s true for the duration of the battery. You will not have this problem in a vacuum cleaner with cable.

At this point, you must take into account if this vacuum cleaner will use it in a timely manner to perform certain cleanings. In this case a cordless hand vacuum cleaner will be much more comfortable.

If your case is to use it on a daily basis for cleaning, the battery of a cordless hand vacuum may be too short.

Another aspect where a handheld vacuum cleaner with cable may be more appropriate is the weight. These are lighter because they do not have a built-in battery.

In any case, we are talking about light weights in all cases

How To Use Your Vacuum Correctly

If you just bought a new vacuum and you do not know how to use it or you already have time with one but you feel that it is not helping you to clean the carpets of your house, do not worry because in this article we will help you to know some tricks that will facilitate you the cleanliness of your home and allow you to obtain excellent results.


To begin using these appliances you must document the capabilities and functions of your new acquisition. You can do it through the manual that comes in the box, but we know that many times the idea of ​​looking for instructions is very tedious, so we invite you to look for a tutorial or research on the internet. You just have to place the model and brand of the vacuum and you will have various results at your disposal.

Although there are many types of vacuum cleaners, here are some general tips that you should know to give proper use to your vacuum cleaner. These tips are the following:


First of all you have to make use of observation. Visualize your device well. All vacuum cleaners contain a bag or container where they store the dust they collect, make sure it is not full, because if so, the machine will not give you a good performance.


Before vacuuming, be clear about the places you want to clean, this with the objective of establishing which accessories you are going to use. For example: if you want to clean the corners of the room or the high area of ​​the curtains in your room, you must use the extension hose to reach those hard-to-reach places.


It is recommended that at the moment of aspiration you have the cleared area, that will facilitate your journey. Start moving the furniture or removing objects that may become an obstacle in the way you go to clean.


When working with your vacuum cleaner you should be very alert of every movement you take because the vacuum cleaner will absorb everything that is in its way. This way, if you get to find a media or some small accessory on the floor, the device will swallow it. Depending on the size and texture it could cause damage or permanent damage to the appliance.


When you watch many movies with scenes of ladies using the vacuum cleaner in the center of the room, you may think you know how to do it perfectly. Maybe that’s the way it is, but if you feel that there are still traces of dust after vacuuming, this may be due to the way you are aspiring. It is for that reason that we will share the right way in which you must move the vacuum cleaner. You only have to slide it from back to front and vice versa, but keep in mind that it is at the moment where it recoils that it does the function of sucking the dust that inhabits the carpets of your home.


When you decide to aspire, try not to have other obligations to fulfill because finally aspiring is a job that requires a lot of patience and dedication given that if done with a lot of speed, it is most likely that the work is in vain and the results are not satisfactory .

Advantages of Using a Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

The market has reached a new invention that has stolen all the attention of customers, they have been amazed by the capabilities offered by the robot vacuum cleaner. Is that many consumers still do not believe that an appliance is capable of cleaning the home without any human supervision, as they showed in futuristic films.

This shows that technology is taking steps forward and continues to give users more comfort in carrying out their daily activities, which generates a change in the way of doing everyday tasks in society, because cleaning will never return to be as before.

Learn about the different advantages you get when using a vacuum cleaner robot:

  • Independence: this new device will free you from the pressure of spending long hours of work vacuuming the entire house. But now with the robot vacuum cleaner you will not have to be present when vacuuming the home, since the new model does not need your help as it uses itself to remove all the dust and dirt that is on the ground and carpet of your dwelling. All you need is to press a button.
  • Intelligence: this new vacuum cleaner has a configuration system with technological advances that will leave you speechless. This device is able to perceive walls or stairs by means of its sensors to avoid colliding or falling.
  • Efficacy: one of its most attractive features is its ability to determine which areas of the house need more cleaning depth, that is, it will approach the place where the cat’s lint or food particles leave. drop the children.
  • Savings: Another benefit of this new invention is the saving of time, since the robots will take care of the domestic needs of their owners, which will allow them to make the  other tasks in their new extra time. If you decide to buy this appliance you can enroll in that extracurricular class that you wanted so much, but due to the lack of available hours you did not agree, however, with the robot vacuum cleaner you will not have to waste more time aspiring, he will do it for you.
  • Simplicity: undoubtedly its easy handling is one more reason to run to the nearest store to find a robot vacuum cleaner and enjoy all its advantages. Despite having different capacities of an advanced level in technology, it allows its users to perform a simple and practical operation. You just have to press a couple of buttons, place the device on the floor and voila, you can go quietly. When you return, the floor of your house will look like new.

These are some of the various advantages offered by this new creation in the world of household appliances, since the robot vacuum cleaner since its launch became a trend and is one of the most desired domestic appliances for all housewives.

Best Industrial vacuum cleaners Reviews

There is no doubt that industrial vacuum cleaners, or also called wet dry vacuum cleaner are a great alternative for many consumers.

Its power and ability to vacuum all types of liquids and solids make industrial vacuum cleaners a great choice.

In this guide, we will explain its operation, models and different brands so you can have an idea of ​​what they can offer you. And in case you need to buy one, we give you the keys to find the best industrial vacuum cleaner.

Choose one of the Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

There is no doubt that industrial vacuum cleaners, or also called wet dry vacuum cleaner are a great alternative for many consumers.

Its power and ability to vacuum all types of liquids and solids make industrial vacuum cleaners a great choice.

In this guide, we will explain its operation, models and different brands so you can have an idea of ​​what they can offer you. And in case you need to buy one, we give you the keys to find the best industrial vacuum cleaner.

Kärcher WD3 multi-purpose vacuum cleaner 

Undoubtedly one of the most powerful and complete industrial vacuums.

Resistant to shocks and capacity of 17 liters of deposit. It allows the aspiration of both dry and wet dirt without having to change the filter.

It comes with a suction hose and different extras for a complete aspiration.

It has blow function, ergonomic carrying handle and storage of accessories and cable very practical.

A pleasure to work with this Kärcher vacuum cleaner.TODAY WITH DISCOUNT

Cecotec Wet & Dry Vacuum  Cleaner

Thanks to the Wet & Dry industrial vacuum from Cecotec, you can achieve a complete and complete cleaning of all the dirt in the house.

This vacuum cleaner is designed so that it can suck all kinds of liquids. Thanks to its features, you can achieve a suction control and a fully efficient cleaning. In addition, you can select the control of the power with the consequent energy saving.

In addition, thanks to the Blower system you can pile the remains of dirt with the blow. To finish, say that it has HEPA filter and water filter. Your tank without bag is 15 liters capacity. Very handy thanks to its four wheels.

Einhell TC-VC 1812 S

This industrial vacuum cleaner is powerful and achieves perfect dry and wet cleaning. It has a 12 liter stainless steel tank for easy cleaning.

It can suck up waste and thick materials without problem thanks to its powerful 1,250 W motor.

It should be noted that it comes equipped with a 36mm flexible tube system, flexible suction tube, 3 extension tubes and has one piece to adapt different accessories.

As for your comfort all accessories can be stored in the device in an orderly manner.

Characteristics industrial vacuum cleaners

This type of wet dry vacuum cleaner have many advantages in the home. They are especially suitable for cleaning garages, gardens or patios due to their characteristics.

They are called industrial vacuum cleaners, because in addition to the home they are very suitable for cleaning premises and warehouses.

In addition, you can find very competitive prices in the market. More and more brands have an industrial vacuum among their models.

Because of this, it is not so easy to choose the most appropriate one. So, you have so many models and brands that the choice is complicated.

The main feature without a doubt, is that they are capable of vacuuming both dry and wet. That is, you can vacuum both solids and liquids without any problem as they are adapted for it.

This is the main difference with the rest of traditional vacuum cleaners.

Also, its filter cleaning is quite simple.

This type of industrial vacuum cleaners are much more prepared for intensive use. If your idea is to use the vacuum cleaner frequently, it will be a product that you should keep in mind.

Obviously, if you have a garden or garage, the industrial vacuum cleaner will be very useful. This is because you can vacuum much thicker particles of dust mites and dust because they are prepared for it.

You should also bear in mind that they are more powerful machines than a conventional sledge vacuum.

Another main characteristic of industrial vacuum cleaners is their deposit. It should be noted that they have a much larger deposit.

Although they are directed to professional places or patios, keep in mind that it will be very useful also in the home.

Another feature of industrial vacuum cleaners is the blowing function. This what it does is to do the opposite way so that instead of aspiring you can take what you want to another place. Very useful in the gardens to be able to accumulate in different spaces different materials.

You can find in the market many industrial vacuum cleaners at very varied prices. It does not mean for its benefits that they are more expensive than conventional ones. They simply have other functions. Everything will depend on the brand and the model, as it happens in the whole range of vacuum cleaners that are on the market today.

Advantages and disadvantages of industrial vacuum cleaners

Below we show you the different advantages of the industrial vacuum cleaner compared to other types of vacuum cleaners


Wet dry vacuum cleaners are fully effective for all types of homes and gardens.

They are capable of aspirating any type of material, both liquid and solid.

This makes them essential in any house with some terrain and very effective in homes where you need to clean constantly.


Very suitable in homes with animals, because they suck without any problem all the dirt generated.


This is one of the great advantages of industrial vacuum cleaners. Its capacity can reach up to 40-45 liters, so they make cleaning the garden much more effective by not having to empty the tank constantly.


The manufacture of industrial vacuum cleaners is more resistant to another type. They are prepared to withstand high temperatures and rain, are specially treated for the exterior and made of resistant materials.


As we discussed you can use them in homes, gardens, garages, offices …

Additional features

Without a doubt, of the best features. They come equipped with different brushes, water accessories, sandpaper, vacuum systems ..

Depending on the model, brand and price you can find industrial vacuums very prepared for any action you need.

Weight and size

What you should keep in mind is that they are much more bulky devices than a conventional vacuum cleaner. In addition, they are heavier than traditional ones due to the characteristics that we have mentioned.

Not all are advantages, so you should assess if it is the best for your needs.


As we have mentioned before, at this point and the same as with the other vacuum cleaners, it depends on the model and brand.